The Stoic Workbench.
Crafting, Cool Tools and Mindful Problem solving.

Creativity is not just about making something beautiful - it's about making something that's uniquely you. And with plenty of leatherworking, electronics, and puns to go around, you can expect to get to know me pretty well too.

Wearing multiple hats is my hobby.

One hat just isn' enough for one of my days.

The product manager

As a product manager, I love juggling multiple projects and deadlines, while sipping coffee and wondering who messed with my Trello board.

The Engineer

As a hardware developer, I like to think of myself as a modern-day wizard, using code and circuits instead of spells and potions to create magic.

The Leatherworker

My pathologic need to gather the most obscure tools out there allows me to create stylish goods out of leather, at the price of making a mess of my workspace

Here are some of my coolest project, born from a combination of caffeine and curiosity.

I won't lie, there were moments during these projects when I wondered if I had bitten off more than I could chew. But then again, if you're not slightly terrified by your own creations, is it really worth doing it?"

The Cube Bag - A steampunk take on a toolbox
Custom Shape PCBs with Midjourney and KiCad
From Light to Insight: EdgeML powered by Indoor Solar Cells
The Flintstone Bag

Know-how transfer.

Writing tutorials started as a simple way of saving money on ibuprofen. It has grown on me and now I enjoy documenting why and how I do things while making someone's day easier.