Featured projects. Collaborations.

Here is a selection of the projects in which I got the opportunity to feature my work.

Industrial Retrofitting

Gas Detection in the Oil and Gas Industry - Nordic Thingy:91

Nordic Thingy:91 mixed with machine learning algorithms help detect dangerous leaks of CO2, CO, and Isopropanol.

Industrial Retrofitting

Analog Meter Reading - Arduino Nicla Vision

Using computer vision to read an analog gauge with the Arduino Nicla Vision, production lines can get a quick upgrade.

IoT and Low Power Applications

Powering EdgeML through Indoor Solar Cells

Indoor Solar Cells are here to help eliminate the need for constant battery replacements and usher in a new era of self-sustaining IoT.

Art and PCB Design

PicoLight - Minimalist Light for Product Shots

PicoLight is a minimalist adjustable light for low-light photography, based on the Raspberry Pi Pico.

Smart Agriculture

Vineyard pest monitoring with Arduino Pro

Stoping pest invasions before they become catastrophic.

Fitness and Wellness

Arduino x K-Way - Outdoor Activity Tracker

A wearable Nicla Sense ME that can measure both the environment, and your outdoor activities using machine learning.